Outreach Services

Are you a physical rehabilitation patient, family member, healthcare facility employee or caregiver interested in learning more about The Center’s programs and services?  A formal presentation may provide answers.

Our Outreach Coordinator works with area rehabilitation hospitals and out-patient clinics, as well as therapists, case managers, social workers, doctors, nurses and medical technicians to provide helpful information about services to enhance the post-rehabilitation process.  Through an educational in-service, complete with video, experience a presentation on the variety of community classes, outings, workshops and special events available at The Center.  These in-services are a great opportunity to educate a large audience or a small group.

Participants will have the opportunity to complete an application if interested in applying for Membership, and individuals who refer prospective applicants may acquire the necessary forms to begin the application process.  Questions and concerns will also be addressed at the conclusion of the in-service.

Call The Center today to schedule an in-service with an Outreach Coordinator, 918-584-8607!