Paralympic Sports

PSC-Tulsa logo-resizeU.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee, and  THE CENTER for Individuals with Physical Challenges [THE CENTER] have partnered to create Paralympic Sport – Tulsa.

Paralympic Sport – Tulsa is a community-based sports club developed to involve youth and adults with physical and visual disabilities in ongoing sports and physical activity, regardless of skill level.  All programs and activities will be based in Tulsa and run by THE CENTER. 

As a new sport club The Center desires to: 

• Engage and educate individuals and our community on the opportunities and benefits of adaptive sports

• Develop a program with a variety of adaptive sports we can offer to the community for recreational and competitive involvement

• Reengage injured service members and veterans in sport participation to assist their reintegration back into their community

• Inspire individuals with physical disabilities and their families to be physically active and engage in enjoyable recreation and sport to progress toward personal goals

• Provide our community information r/t adaptive sport camps, workshops, and competitions across the country

With 26 recognized US Paralympic sports, our plan is to provide select sports of interest to our Members throughout each semester. As The Center develops valuable community partnerships, we will continue to enhance our program by offering additional adaptive sport opportunities. Adaptive sport opportunities presently available to our participants through this first year of Paralympic Sport – Tulsa include: wheelchair basketball, boccia ball, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair curling, weight training, and sitting volleyball.

Engaging in adaptive sports is an enjoyable way to improve health, fitness, and overall quality of life. Involvement promotes improved physical and emotional/mental health by boosting overall tolerance to stress, motivating for active lifestyles, stimulating social involvements and reintegration into our community.

Paralympic Sport – Tulsa welcomes anyone interested to become involved with our sport club; whether it’s as an active participant or as a volunteer to assist with instruction or partner to assist with acquisition of sport equipment and resources. Anyone interested may contact The Center at (918)584-8607 or Margie Crossno, Program and Volunteer Services Coordinator, at (918)794-4510 or


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