Staff focuses daily on The Center’s mission. The Center Staff is:

Lori A. Long
Executive Director
Kelli Kelli Anderson
Rehabilitative & Recreation Fitness Instructor
Donna B Donna Bridenstine
Margie Cr Margie Crossno
Programs & Volunteer Services Coordinator
Stacey Stacie Downs
Evening Fitness Instructor & Yoga Instructor
Bradley Bradley Forbes
Rehabiliative Fitness Instructor & Junior
Wheelchair Sports Coordinator 
Andrea Andrea Hernandez
Fitness & Recreation Specialist/ Evening Supervisor
Vickie H Vickie Holler
Director of Member Services
Erinsmall Erin Jacobs
Director of Community
Darlene Mc Darlene McGrail
Recreation Therapist
Burt Burt McLachlan
Programs Corrdinator
Cathy P Cathy Pennington
Executive & Develpoment Assistant
Sally Ramirez
Visual Arts Instructor
Paige Paige Stuart
Transition Services Coordinator
EW Erin Wambold
Director of Development
Janet Janet Walker
Grant Development Specialist