We Value Our Volunteers

At The Center, we realize our volunteers are one of our greatest assets.

The Center is fortunate to have local Scout Troops, university and high school students, social groups plus many individuals who participate in our Volunteer Program. These generous people assist in a wide variety of ways by helping The Center in their mission of creating independence, one life and one day at a time.  [See “How You Can Help”]

Volunteer hours for the 08-09 Fiscal Year totaled 10,570 hours! That equates to a donation value of $171,136 [using the Oklahoma value of a volunteer hour at $16.19/hr in 2007].

Highlights of The Center’s Volunteer Program include:

  • The Center currently has 14 core community volunteers and 29 member volunteers that are involved in routine weekly programming
  • Current volunteers facilitated 43% of Center routine semester programming and up to 63% in Adaptive Recreation programming
  • In 2009, completion of eight full-time internships of students from surrounding universities with internships requiring at least 250 – 560 hours resulted in:
  • Completion of five practicums of students requiring at least 60 hours
  • Assisted 24 Green Country students to complete volunteer hours for education requirements of at least 40 hours each

If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, please contact Margie Crossno, Program & Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 918-794-4510.