Program Schedule

The Center’s programming curriculum is based on three semesters:  Winter-Spring, Summer and Fall-Winter.  The Center has an open enrollment policy — an active* Member may enroll in classes at any time.

Click on the links below to download the current semester’s materials [PDF format]:                            Free Adobe Reader download for PDFs

Semester Schedule: Fall 2015 [semester starts July 6]

Enrollment Form: Fall 2015

Sliding Fee Schedule 

Members can begin enrolling for the upcoming semester on April 29th.  Enrollment packets will be available at The Center’s Reception prior to open enrollment.  To request a copy of the current enrollment packet via mail, please call 918-584-8607.

To determine enrollment eligibility or for more information on the membership application process, please contact Vickie Holler, Director of Member Services, at 918-584-8607.

* Must have a current medical release on file with the Director of Member Services.