Center Services

The Center provides a wide variety of services for persons with physical challenges in three major program areas:

Rehabilitative Services
These programs and classes are designed to improve and/or maintain strength, endurance stamina and overall functional independence.

They include:

  • Individually designed rehabilitative exercise programs
  • Adaptive aerobic, stretching and toning classes, including seated and standing yoga
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Leisure Education
  • Life Skills
  • Memory and Cognition
  • Speech and Communication
  • Transitional Services for people with severe disabilities
  • VISTA Support Group for individuals who are visually impaired and blind

Adaptive Recreation
These services are designed to increase opportunities for challenging and enriching leisure and recreational experiences.

They include:

  • Computer Classes
  • Creative Cooking
  • Creative Writing
  • Drawing and Painting, Handbuilding with Clay, and Mixed Media Sculpture
  • China Painting and Glazing
  • Horticulture
  • Stained Glass

Community Reintegration

These activities promote independence and help people with physical disabilities to participate in the fullest extend possible in the cultural, recreational, and social life of the community.

They include:

  • Bowling
  • Movie Out
  • A variety of Special Outings, such as trips to local parks, theaters, concerts

Support Groups
The Center has several support groups that meet at our facility. Call Vicki 918-794-4508 to find out more! 

Transition Services

Transition Services is a program designed to help members who require personal assistance in gaining the skills needed to move or “transition” into the general membership. An individualized program is developed to optimize the benefits of Center programming. It may include classes such as speech and communication, memory and cognition, exercise classes, adaptive recreation, and 1:1 activities in the fitness center.

The Transition Services staff has a background in rehabilitative therapies. They also assist members with individual safety, transfers, and personal hygiene, as needed. Additionally, a physical therapist may consult to assist staff when necessary.

With hospital stays becoming shorter and people returning to the community sooner than in the past, there is a critical need for this type of service to assist people in regaining their independence at The Center and in their lives.

For more information on Transition Services, please contact Paige Stuart at The Center, 918-794-4503