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  • 815 South Utica Avenue, Tulsa, OK
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In 2005, three long-time supporters of The Center saw an opportunity for future growth.  Acting on behalf of The Center, they purchased the large lot on the northeast corner of 11th and Utica, insuring the opportunity for future Center expansion, with a prime, adjacent location to the current facility.

That future is now.

The purpose of our Dream Big Capital Campaign is to provide funding to develop this piece of property and enhance the programs and services offered at The Center. Since The Center opened its doors in 1957, services, programs and opportunities available for the physically disabled in our community have changed dramatically.  Members of The Center today are more active, more involved with the community, and willing to participate in new athletic opportunities that are available.

The fastest growing activity at The Center is Adaptive Sports.  Some of the adaptive sports available to our Members include cycling, boccia ball, goal ball, power soccer, wheelchair basketball, adaptive archery and tennis.  Each of these sports is adapted for someone with a disability e.g. a visually impaired Member can ride RiverParks bike trail on a tandem cycle with a sighted person in front; or every person on the basketball team is using a sport wheelchair; or every person playing goal ball is blindfolded.

Furthermore, in 2011 The Center became a U.S. Paralympic Sports Club, providing both recreational, as well as competitive sports to our Members in several sports.  This also allows the U.S. Paralympic Committee to visit The Center and Members recruiting for national teams and competitions.

Because of the growth in interest and participation from our Members, as well as the many benefits of these adaptive sport opportunities for individuals with disabilities, we are focusing the development of the corner lot on providing increased and enhanced adaptive sports programming.  Proudly sponsored by The Hardesty Family Foundation, “The Hardesty Family Adaptive Sports Complex” will allow us to maximize sporting events.  Specifically this will include:

  • a facility with weather protection that can be used year-round
  • distinguished signage, using the 11th & Utica intersection to promote The Center to the 12-15,000 cars traveling by each day
  • new accessible sidewalk, allowing both exercise opportunity as well as safe travel from one building to another
  • improved fencing, lighting and security features (cameras, door monitoring, etc.)

In addition to growth in adaptive sports, this new facility will allow us to once again bring back services to disabled youth, through the development of after school programs, summer camps and even evening programming, allowing parents the opportunity for respite many times throughout the year.

Project Specifics

The Center will be constructing a 28,000 square foot facility on the corner of 11th & Utica.  It will include a fully enclosed corridor connected to our existing building.  A two-story facility, it will proudly boast an elevated walking track, a multi-purpose room and a fully accessible rooftop terrace on the second floor.  The lower level will host an NCAA regulated size court (where ALL of our current and future sports can be offered), another multipurpose room, several storage areas, four staff offices, a recreation lobby and restrooms.  Special features will include an adaptive rock climbing wall and a resistance therapy pool.

In addition, the current park will undergo a full expansion as well.  New features will include:  accessible adaptive cycling trail, outdoor court, water feature, community garden and numerous areas of shade for small group work.

The Center has successfully raised $11.1 million of our $12 million goal!  This goal includes full construction of the new facility, furniture fixtures and equipment, landscaping, 3 years of operations in the new facility and a restricted maintenance fund.


The Center would like to recognize our professional partners helping to make this dream a reality:




Dreaming Big alongside The Center are the following lead donors to the campaign:

The Hardesty Family Foundation

J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation

Sarah & John Graves

Herman G. Kaiser Foundation

Ruth Nelson Family Foundation

Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation

Mary K. Chapman Foundation

The Helmerich Trust

AR and Mary Louise Tandy Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation

AEP Foundation/Public Service Company of Oklahoma


Lou & Connie Miller Charitable Trust

Edward E. and Helen Turner Bartlett Foundation

Jana and Phil Frohlich

Darcy and Joe Moran


Jill and Bob Thomas

Susan and Bill Thomas

William K. Warren Foundation

Renee Neuwald Foundation

Newman Family Foundation

William S. Smith Charitable Trust

Williams Foundation

Helen and Andrew Mackay

The Sisk Charitable Trust


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