Join us Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment to view the Achieving Dreams Art Gallery filled with original works of art by The Center members! Various media are on display, and each piece is available for purchase.

The Achieving Dreams Art Gallery is located at 1707 E. 11th Street in the Hardesty Family Adaptive Sports Complex.

To schedule an appointment to view the Achieving Dreams Art Gallery, call 918.584.8607 or email

Featured Artists

John Olivas is a man of many creative talents. John was introduced to The Center’s art studio after his stroke in 2015. He enjoys creating abstracts with acrylic but likes to explore other options and a variety of techniques. John also enjoys mixed media sculpture as seen with his steampunk projects and lamps. John finds himself inspired by other artists and instructors, stating, “I just see things in my head and enjoy trying to create them.”

Susan Schaefer, who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa as a young adult, has always been an artist. She enjoys drawing, painting, and other mediums. Susan is currently focusing her artistic skills on ceramic sculpture and glazing.

Pam Vest has been a member of The Center since 2016. Pam’s energy is contagious. Pam can usually be found working with clay or paper mache’ creating sculptures. “I didn’t know I could do this. Everyone is an artist; I had to trust that and just put myself out there.”

Melvin Dudley is a friend to all and provides a helping hand whenever possible. He has been active with The Center since 2015, helping in our garden spaces, enjoying art and assisting friends with lesser ability. “Living with Cerebral Palsy has allowed me to learn to help others when I can.”

Tempus Helton enjoys a variety of The Center activities. Prior to her stroke, Tempus enjoyed photography, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. Presently when in the art studio, she enjoys a variety of creative sculpture mediums.

Rose Ann Bolin enjoys a variety of The Center activities and volunteering at The Little Lighthouse. Living an active lifestyle with Cerebral Palsy, Rose Ann has been an inspiration to other females to stay active and work toward individual dreams. When not involved in a specific activity, she will be found spending time with her friends.

Mamie Byas has been a Member of The Center since 2017. Contracting Polio at the age of 2, Mamie learned ways to adapt to manage daily living activities at an early age. Mamie enjoys drawing and painting. She likes looking to nature for inspiration.

Geralyn Walters has many creative talents and enjoys scanning Pinterest for new ideas and interests.  Although her favorite projects presently relate to wood-burning and creating challenging Mandalas, Geralyn doesn’t let her autoimmune disease slow her down as she enjoys a variety of The Center classes including drawing, painting, stained glass and sculpture.

Melita Jones initially came to The Center when she would bring her father. She became a member in 1999 in attempt to stay active to manage her arthritis and osteoporosis.  Melita enjoys exercising and attending art classes. “I like art because it gives me an outlet; it keeps me from being at home doing nothing.  I like the feedback I get from the other art members.”

Stephanie Smith has been a member of The Center since 2005. Stephanie enjoys creating art and sharing her ideas with friends. Stephanie enjoys working with clay, drawing, painting and stained glass.