Interpreting Services Contract

Interpreting Services Contract 2024

Period of Contract
This contract will commence on October 1st-September 30th of the fiscal year, if a signed contract is returned with all required accompanying materials, such as the Non-collusion Affidavit, Independent Contractor & Hold Harmless Declaration, Affidavit of Exempt Status under the Worker’s Compensation Act, and any other required forms.

Minimum/Required Contractual Qualifications (Please Check All That Apply)
Rate of Pay
• Rates are set annually per the contracted time period.
• During the contract period, rate changes are allowed only when contractor has a change in certification status and/or the Agency initiates rate negotiations.
• Contractors will be paid a 2-hour minimum on all assignments unless otherwise agreed upon by the Agency.
• Contractors will be paid the two-hour minimum scheduled time for assignments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice.
• If the Contractor is scheduled for more than the 2-hour minimum (example: 6:00 am -1:00 pm Booked Time) and is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, the Contractor will be paid the full Booked Time (6:00 am to 1:00 pm). If the Contractor is already en route
to the assignment, the Contractor will be paid mileage driven, including the return trip home.
• Assignments with a Portal-to-Portal Fee that are cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be paid the actual booked assignment time with no mileage if not en route. If cancelled while en route, Contractor will be paid the actual booked time and mileage driven, including return home. (Refer to end of contract)
• Contractor WILL NOT be paid for assignments cancelled with more than 24-hour notice.
• Contractor will be reimbursed for mileage at the rate set forth by the State of Oklahoma Mileage Reimbursement Act. The current mileage reimbursement rate is $0.655 per mile.

• Contactor WILL NOT get Same Day Cancellation when moved by I.S. Staff to accommodate schedule.

• Contractor will be reimbursed for fees associated with tolls and/or parking. Proper documentation may be requested for reimbursement. Such documentation can include PikePass Statement, toll receipt, parking receipt, etc.
• Any job exceeding 50 miles one direction will be reimbursed a Portal-to-Portal Fee at Contractor’s regular hourly rate for drive time (unless after-hour rates apply) according to GPS and as approved by the business paying the Portal-to-Portal Fee. Portal-to-Portal times and miles must be shown and calculated in the appropriate Interpreter Scheduling
Software field along with before/after hour rates (if applicable). Agency can only pay up to what the business agrees to pay. (Refer to Addendum 1: Portal-to-Portal Fee)

Contractor Name
Contractor Name
Limited to New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Concerts, plays, weddings, funeral, etc.
Amount added to all above rates.
VRI rates will be at the above rates unless specifically negotiated. Are you available and set up with good Wi-Fi connection, appropriate background, and able to work in a private area from home?
Contractor Responsibilities & Conditions
• Contactor will adhere to and comply with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct and/or the Quality Assurance Screening Test (QAST) Code of Professional Conduct. Contractor non-compliance will, decided in the sole discretion of the Agency, result in termination of contract. Breaches may also be reported to appropriate overseers, such as RID, QAST, Dept. of Education, etc.
• Contractor will dress appropriately for the assignment and be prepared for extreme conditions at the workplace. If required by the workplace, steel-toed shoes, personal protective equipment, etc. may be needed. This will be noted as appropriate in the interpreter scheduling system. If Contractor cannot accommodate such requests, Contractor is responsible for appropriately informing the Agency immediately.
• Contractor must maintain certification with the issuing body by remaining in good standing and completing the minimum number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Copy of current certification must be attached. At times, Agency will review information online to verify status with RID or QAST.
• Once an assignment has been accepted, the Contractor is responsible for attending the appointment/assignment in a timely manner. Assignments should only be returned to the Agency with less than 48-hour notice for unforeseen emergencies.
• IF assignment is given back for any reason at any time, Contractor MUST notify the Agency immediately of the newly open assignment.
• IF assignments are given back frequently, the Agency will visit with the Contractor about ethical responsibilities and seek to identify an agreeable solution.
• Contractor understands that on-time arrival for an assignment is no fewer than 10 minutes before the start of assignment. If the Contractor has back-to-back assignments that make arrival 10 minutes before an assignment impossible, the Agency will inform the
client(s) that the Contractor will be arriving from another appointment.
• Contractor agrees to not attempt to divert Agency customers/clients to another interpreting agency or attempt to work directly with the Agency’s clients.
• If it appears the appointment will not be completed before the scheduled end time, Contractor should inform the Agency as soon as possible to give the Agency time to adjust accordingly. If the Agency has informed the Contractor that an assignment may go over, let the Agency know the approximate time it will end.
• In the event of force majeure (such as natural disasters, infrastructure failure and
government/societal unrest), Contractor will contact the Agency to find out if the
assignment is still scheduled. If in force majeure situations an appointment is canceled without 24-hours notice, Contractor will not be paid. If Contractor does not contact the Agency, does not show up for the assignment and the assignment has not been canceled,
Contractor will not be paid for the assignment or any part thereof. If Contractor does not contact the Agency, does show up and the appointment has been canceled, Contractor will not be paid for the assignments or any part thereof.
• To ensure the Agency’s Finance Department can submit payment in a timely manner, Contractor will submit invoices within 3 days of completing the assignment or by the billing close date, whichever is sooner.
• Invoices not received by the Agency prior to close of the pay period will NOT be paid on the pay date for assignments not yet invoiced.
• Once Agency has sent notice of Invoice Summary to the contractor in preparation for the billing period, Contractor is responsible for notifying the Agency before the noted deadline for adjustments. If the noted deadline is missed, the Agency will NOT be able to
modify the invoices as they have already been billed to the client. No adjustments will be made for invoices not corrected by noted deadline in emails with the Invoice Summary.
• Current closing dates for billing are the 6th and 21st of each month.
• Pay days are the 15th and last day of each month.
• Invoices must be submitted through the Agency’s interpreter scheduling system as
directed by Agency staff. Paper invoices will not and cannot be accepted. Invoices must:

o Include “Actual Start Time” & “Actual End Time” adjusted/Portal-to-Portal
included if applicable.
o Include mileage (if Portal-to-Portal Fee is agreed upon by the business).
o Include Tolls and/or Parking Costs.
o Be closed and submitted to the Agency prior to the billing closing date.

• The Agency cannot and will not guarantee a certain number of assignments to any one
Contractor at any time.
• Requests for a specific Contractor will be honored as best as possible. In such cases,
Contractors will be notified and given time to respond. If no response is given as to availability, the assignment will be sent out to other qualified contractors.
• Contractor is responsible for keeping accurate records and paying his/her/their own taxes (federal, state, self- employment, etc.).
• Contractor and Agency can terminate this contract at any time for any reason.
• Contractor is responsible for his/her/their interpreting practices. If the Agency receives complaints about the Contractor’s work and the Contractor is found to be negligent, in the sole discretion of the Agency, the Contractor may not be reassigned to the
client/customer making the complaint and/or may terminate the contract.
• If the Agency is sued as a result of the Contractor, the Contractor will hold the Agency harmless and indemnify the Agency. The Contractor will be responsible for any and all costs associated with such an event whether on behalf of The Agency or oneself. In the
event the Agency is required to pay damages, the Contractor will be responsible for paying all damages and fees in a manner that does not inflict financial hardship on the Agency.
• Contractor will be required to have an Agency Identification Badge made and carry it at all times when on an Agency assignment. Contractor will come to the Agency to obtain such badge and will not charge the Agency for time or mileage associated with fulfilling this requirement.
• Assignments settings may have special requirements set by the requesting client. If the contractor cannot meet the specials requirements, Contractor will not accept the assignment and will inform the Agency of special requirements that cannot be met as appropriate and necessary. Such special requirements may include the following:

o Obtain/present a flu vaccine, measles vaccine, COVID vaccine, etc.
o Clean background check.
o Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, etc.

• If Contractor works in the education arena for any reason (i.e., Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings, parent-teacher conferences, graduations, etc.) documentation must be provided of registration with the Oklahoma Educational Registry.
• If Contractor cannot do an assignment, he/she/they MUST notify the Agency. Contractor cannot subcontract with anyone to do an assignment on his/her/their behalf. Noncompliance will be grounds for immediate termination of contract.
• Contractor shall indemnify and hold the Agency harmless from any loss or liability arising from performing services under this Contract.

1. State and Federal Taxes: The Agency will not:
• Withhold FICA (Social Security and Medicare taxes) from Contractor’s payments nor make FICA payments on Contractor’s behalf.
• Make state or federal unemployment compensation contributions on Contractor’s behalf.
• Withhold or pay state or federal income tax on Contractor’s behalf. Contractor shall pay all taxes incurred while performing services under this Agreement – including all applicable income taxes and, if Contractor is not a corporation, self-employment (Social Security) taxes.
2. Fringe Benefits: Contractor understands that he/she/they are NOT eligible for any
Agency benefits offered to qualifying staff, including pension, health benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, or any other fringe benefit of the Agency.
3. Unemployment Compensation: The Agency shall make no state or federal
unemployment compensation payments on behalf of Contractor. Contractor
shall NOT be entitled to these benefits in connection with work performed under this Contract.
4. Workers’ Compensation: The Agency shall not obtain workers’ compensation insurance on behalf of the Contractor. Contractor will NOT be covered by any workers’ compensation insurance for injuries associated with work as a Contractor.
5. Insurance: The Agency shall NOT provide insurance coverage of any kind for Contractor; Contractor shall obtain insurance coverage and maintain it during the entire term of this Contract if he/she/they wish to secure coverage for malpractice, health, worker’s compensation, unemployment or any other insurance).
I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this contract. I understand
that I am an independent contractor providing services on behalf of the Agency’s Interpreting Services Department.

Addendum 1

Portal-to-Portal Fee Explained
If Contractor has an assignment that is more 50 or miles away (one way) from his/her/their home, Contractor can add a Portal-to-Portal Fee to his/her/their invoice. This addition should be added to the “Start” and “End” time of the invoice.
Example 1: Contractor has an assignment from 4 pm – 6 pm and this includes one hour of portal time. Contractor leaves for the assignment at 3 pm, begins assignment at 4pm, completes assignment at 5pm and returns home at 6pm. In this case, Contractor would
bill 3 pm – 5 pm at the regular rate and 5pm – 6pm at the after-hour rate. Contractor would not charge an additional hour of Portal Fee since the assignment did not take the full two-hour minimum.
Example 2: Contractor has an assignment from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm with one-hour of Portal-to-Portal time. Contractor leaves for the assignments at 11am, works the assignments from 12 pm – 3pm, and arrives home at 4:00 pm. Contractor would bill 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at the regular rate.
• Example 3: Contractor is on a legal assignment from 9:00 am – 11:00 am with one-hour of Portal-to-Portal. Contractor leaves for the assignment at 8am, begins the assignments 9am, completes the assignment at 11 am and returns home at noon. Contractor would charge the two hours of portal time at the regular rate and the two hours of the assignments at the legal rate. If the assignment ended at 9:30, Contractor would get one hour at regular rate for portal time and two hours at legal rate for the 2-hour booked

If Contractor’s assignment is before 8:00 am or contractor arrives home after 5:00 pm, those after-hours will be billed at the after-hours rate manually by the Agency.

Contractors will always receive the Portal Fee to the assignment but are not guaranteed the Portal Fee leaving the assignment. The ending time of the appointment will determine if the
contractor receives the Portal Fee and, if so, how much.

Depending on the drive time (e.g., 1, 2, or 3+ hours), Contractor will adjust his/her/their start time accordingly. If the Contractor’s drive home falls in the 2-hour assignment minimum, Contractor will not be reimbursed an additional Portal Fee. (See Example 1 above.)

If contractor is leaving from a location other than his/her/their home and the location is farther away than his/her/their home, Contractor must inform the Agency for pre-approval.

Addendum 2

Booked Time
The Agency has implemented the practice of “Booked Time” starting 2022. Booked Time is designed to eliminate any disputed charges for same-day cancellations protecting payment to
both the Contractor and the Agency.

When assignments are given that are outside of the Contractor’s area, the Interpreting Services team will book these jobs with a “Booked Time.” The job will have a special category (example:
Medical – BOOKED TIME). This will let you know in advance when a job is or is not considered “Booked Time.” If you have a job that does not have the special category, it follows the Agency’s standard same-day cancellation policy, as outlined in the Interpreter Contract, which
has been approved for the 2-hour minimum.

If a job is called in that will clearly require a Portal Fee, the Agency will schedule with the requesting office the full amount of time estimated for that job. The “booked time” will already include the portal to and from the assignment. The client requesting services must approve of
the booked time block before the Contractor will be assigned.

• Example 1: An assignment is created for a noon appointment with a 2-hour portal to and from the appointment. While the client is unsure of how long the appointment will take, the Booked Time is 10 am – 4 pm, which equates to two hours of travel to the appointment, a two-hour minimum appointment, and a two-hour return trip. If the appointment does not take the full two hours, the return Portal Fee will be adjusted as noted in Addendum 1.
• Example 2: An assignment is created for an 8 am appointment with a two-hour portal to and from the appointment. The Booked Time is 6 am – 11 am, which equated to two hours of travel time, one hour for the appointment and two hours of travel time.

The Agency will make notes of the requested time, including travel time and assignment time. Once both parties agree on the “booked time,” the Contractor will be assigned.

If an assignment runs long, Contractor will call or text the Agency to advise them of the change as soon as possible. If the Agency does not have notes about extra charges, those changes will not be applied to the invoice.

When looking at available assignments, a Contractor should contact the Agency if he/she/they notice an assignment that would be Portal Job for which he/she/they is available. The Agency can contact the client to arrange a Booked Time assignment if they are in agreement. Again, if the assignment becomes a same-day cancellation, Contractor would be paid for the booked time as stated in the pre-agreed contract.

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