Rehabilitative Fitness & Services

Fitness opportunities offered for a variety of levels and impacts ranging from low to moderate designed to improve strength, stamina, flexibility and overall health to prevent relapse or further injury. Opportunities include a state-of-the-art fitness center with specialized and adaptive equipment, an indoor track, therapy pool and a variety of fitness classes, including seated aerobics, muscle energizer, yoga and totally fit.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

Services for people with all levels of hearing loss, including Interpreter Services, which provides sign language interpreters for meetings, appointments and events and Deaf Services, which provides one-on-one advocacy and assistance for people with hearing loss.

Transition Services

An individualized program is developed to assist persons who have a newly-acquired challenge to focus on obtaining the skills needed to function independently at The Center. These may include mobility, personal hygiene, adaptive techniques, communication and/or cognition.

Adaptive Sports

An active member of MoveUnited, adaptive sports offers sport activities for recreation and competition as well as sport clinics in the community. Sports include adaptive cycling, adaptive climbing, air rifle, boccia, goalball, power soccer and wheelchair sports such as softball, basketball and racing.

Youth Programming

Opportunities for youth to actively engage in recreational activities, adaptive sports, outings and cooperative games. Activities encourage relationship development, increased confidence and independence through experiences.

Adaptive Recreation

Recreational and leisure experiences develop interests and promote social involvement, including arts, crafts, horticulture, computers and wellness education.