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  • 815 South Utica Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104
  • 918.584.8607
  • 815 South Utica Avenue, Tulsa, OK
  • 918.584.8607

Masks are required at The Center, and The Center closes daily from 12:00pm – 12:45pm for lunch. If you have any questions, please contact 918-584-8607.

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Youth Services

Youth Programming

The Center provides opportunities for youth to actively engage in recreational activities, adaptive sports, outings and cooperative games. Activities encourage relationship development, increased confidence and independence through successful experiences. There are a variety of opportunitie



Our fitness program includes a state of the art fitness center with over 60 pieces of equipment that we have adapted to our members needs with swivel and wide based seats, removable and accessible platforms to ensure a comfortable, barrier free workout session. The fitness center is included in ou



Recreation & leisure opportunities have been essential components of our mission since 1957. Recreation allows for socialization, building friendships, & reinitiating interests as well as developing new skil

Community Reintegration

The purpose of our Community Reintegration Program is to encourage independence and help our members participate to the fullest extent possible in the cultural, recreational, and social life of the community. We do this by offering community outings each semester like: bowling, going out to lunch,

Adaptive Sports

The CENTER is dedicated to providing adaptive sports to our Members as well as boosting awareness of adaptive sports in our community. We offer a variety of sport classes for enjoyment & skill development with o

Transition Services

Transition Services is a program designed to help members who require personal assistance in gaining the skills needed to move or “transition” into the general membership. An individualized program is developed to optimize the benefits of Center programming. It may include classes such as speech

Support Groups

We are pleased to host several support groups that offer additional opportunities to Center Members, their families and the general community for education, discussion and development of a social network for individuals with a similar life event. Please give your support and help spread the

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